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Originally Posted by cod8825 View Post
In our neck of the woods like most areas you have two operations that exist. First are the "legitimate" operations with multiple crews, employees and such they typically run Monday through Friday anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per week and might use weekends to catch up mainly Saturdays if they do they are typically four to six hour days.

Then there are the part timers that are working for beer money and such and they will work Saturday and Sunday long hours and such so it doesn't really matter what you do it is all a matter of priorities.

oh there's more than 2 types of operations.

there's the 2 you mentioned then the solo guys who work any days needed to stay on schedule or catch up when behind, including sat and sun.

yes it is a matter of priorities. someone with a family to spend the holidays with will most likely do so because that's a priority. someone who would otherwise spend the holiday alone might elect to work the holiday.
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