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Originally Posted by CCaldwell View Post
Thank you to all that provided information, very helpful. I think I was making a bigger deal out of it than it is because of the low water usage. I figured it the same way I always do but just lowered the water/k and came up with the same numbers y'all did.
Mr. Putman, can you explain your technique for mixing dry granulars or powders in your measuring cup. You just mix you DG or powders in the mixing cup and use the spray wand to agitate and mix the product till its disolved and then dump half in each tank? I mix it like you said using the spray wand to agitate. However, I use Z-sprays that both have single tanks. I am not familiar with the T's tank setup but I take it for granted, they are separate and independent. If this is the case, you will need to mix separately as well. I would not chance mixing any other way if I were you. Mix only what you need for each tank so as not to have one weaker/stronger than the other. If the tanks are somehow joined you may be able to do it some other way and still have a proper mixture. Hope this makes sense to you.
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