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I bought a "new" truck yesterday. When i woke up yesterday I had no intentions whatsoever in buying this truck. My wife has been telling me lately that I should buy another truck. I agreed with her. My current truck (05 gmc sierra z71 half ton) is paid for and her car is more than paid for. I wanted a second truck for as a backup (last year fuel pump went out in the gmc and i was down for two day, it wasn't fun). Now, my wife will have a 4x4 to drive this winter (if we get any snow).

The truck is a 2007 2500hd classic. I've had my eye on this one all winter and i've watched the price drop form 27,00 down to 21,500 so i snatched in up. It was a trade in and the dealer put the brand new Boss Super Duty and brand new salt box on. I feel like I got a good deal.
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