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Star, Dupont had a contractor and a Davy employee. It was nice to recognize the Davy name as one on the list of supported tree companies and to also know they were a company that had used Imprelis.

A couple of my trees had new growth, deformed but new growth, insides are toasted and deformed. I know the root system has possible damage causing future problems.We asked how long the Imprelis stays in the soil and they didn't know.

The trees with damage that weren't on the report filed weren't inspected and will have to be on the counter offer.

I've followed guidelines and had a listed company arborist come out and do the inspection. My trees are 35-40 ft tall, confirmed height so I don't have a chart for that height.

It should be a no brainer for Dupont. I have the estimate for the tree company that they asked us to work with, I'm sure the mature trees, they know the value and I expect them to do the right thing.

I only had one tree that improved and that was my peach tree. I won't be eating any peaches though.

Also we mentioned our runoff was killing the trees next door that we bought and planted and we were lead to believe that would be our problem. Uh don't think so. So glad that I've kept up to date here on this board. My neighbors have turned in their own claim.

I guess I'm confused that the reps being sent out don't have many answers but there are only there to confirm damage and sizes.

This beauty hasn't changed except its crispy now. The other tree is my front yard Christmas tree.
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