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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

I am a Fert & Squirt only guy. My advice is to find the best Fert & Squirt Company in your area and Train under them until the Economy turns around. This is not the best time to start a business and the Training you get working for the man will make you that much more successful when you do go in Business. Un-like Mowing, Fert & Squirt is a SKILLED TRADE, treat that way by getting the proper training.

Iím also interested in getting my applicators license but it would be logistically impossible for me to work for another Co. to learn OJT. What is the next best way to go....?

Originally Posted by HazellLawnCare View Post
I have been in business before and did it all, mowing, fert and weed, snow, landscaping, the works. I am very seriously considering getting back into the lawn business but it will be fert and weed control, aeration and overseeding work ONLY. This was always my most profitable part of my business so why even bother with the other work. I have a very good full time job but I truely enjoy this business and the extra money will be for my fun stuff. With a minimal investment, skid sprayer, aerator, and over seeder I can be back in business. The worst part will be paying for the license and insurance without having a good clientel built up yet.
I never wanted to be the Mow King and I expanded into aeration in hopes that would be the bulk of my cash flow. Some of the application Co. here run $29.95 aeration specials for up to 5k so Iím assuming they do this is a loss leader to get in the door for fert or herbicides.

Iím interested in the approach of combining minimal use of herbicides and heavy on organic based products and education on proper watering, avoid quick release fertilizers where I have to mow or there is an issue with thatch development. I want the focus to be on what is best for the lawn not necessarily what the customer thinks is best such as scalp mowing to get the putting green look, daily watering and use of high nitrogen fert and constant use of herbicides.
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