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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
You can do it like I did. Find a college or university that offers a Turf Grass or Plant science degreed program. Sign up for as Many classes as you can handle and still keep earning a living. After a few years of taking classes you should have a starting back ground and be ready to really learn the Trade with Hands on experience.

Of Course if you only have Bluegrass or Fescue turf to deal with, you don't need an education. Any fool can make those turfs green.

Well it's pretty much all cool season grasses up here so yes that would be blue grass and fescue.

I called my local agricultural investigator for my region and got the low down on what I need to get licensed etcetera.

There is some slack here on unlicensed incidental use.

The bulk of my income comes from mowing and I want that to change gradually over to aplications.

I'm going to do a feel good blend of organic based products and some use of herbicides. Basically best of both world's and not offend either extreme.

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