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Originally Posted by JABBERS View Post
I demoed the pro turn 260 with a 27 hp Kawasaki and it had the x-factor deck. The deck stripped nice and had good discharge. There are some adjustments under the seat for the sticks that might help out the hydro. The gravely a high center of gravity which I didnt like. Also the deck kept jumping up like the machine was more ridged then my exmark or hustler. The deck was mounted on chains. They didn't have a 460 there to try but it might of made a difference.
I was thinking of buying a Pro Turn 260 with the KAW 31. I didn't know how it would do in wet grass though. I owned a 152z with the KAW 23 and it cut ok but it was pretty terrible bagging wet grass. It was nice for leaves though. The dealer wants 8g for it 8500 out the door after tax. Which is literally 2-3 grand less than comparable exmarks or scags.
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