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My post is a little off the subject i.e. it's not about Hadco units. I think I asked in a thread some time ago why, with LEDs being more widely used, why we needed the standard multi-tap transformers going up to 16, 17, 18 volts or above. Why not a multi-tap with maybe an 11 volt tap and maybe 2 or 3 separate 12 volt taps. so we wouldn't have to cram several wires into one tap.

So, now doing some smaller jobs and using LEDs, does any of the quality manufacturers make a 100 watt or 150 watt full-featured tranformer?
For instance, I have a small job at a condo entrance. Only need 6 or 7 fixtures which will be LED but I also want the transformer to be fully-protected for shorts and to have a receptacle for a plug-in astronomic timer. Who makes such a thing? Anyone.........anyone.....?
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