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This is gonna be a quickie...

Visually, it looks good and seems packed with info.

Now for the criticisms...

- The contact and quote forms lack any visual appeal (dated).

- Your resources page links all direct people away from your site. They should pop in a new window/tab. Same with all of your web design company's links.

- Your web designers built you a large site completely devoid of any SEO whatsoever, right down to making some of your most important info, your service areas, a search unusable image:

- Continuing on the service area theme, your home page, inexplicably, has no service area, contact info, phone number. In fact, it's just as easy to contact your web design company as it is you, as you each have a contact link on it.

I'll guess you paid a decent amount, but after looking at other sites they've built, they follow similar patterns of zero to minimal SEO. Their own site says they build SEO-optimized sites. They do not, and, quite frankly, that's more important than a nice looking site. If people don't find you, they can't say your site looks good or bad.

Sorry to criticize your spent dollars, but if you have any window for them to make changes, you need to know these things.

If you need any clarifications feel free to ask here or pm me.

I know lawn & landscape marketing, branding, and web strategy. I'm not anonymous, I just don't self-promote.
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