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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I noticed and was turned off by the plastic tanks. I didn't have anything to compare it to and didn't know if this was normal on other brands as well. I did see them on BB and was also turned off by them. Being around Hustler so long with there big hydro system makes it look very cheap. I guess you need to be able to see the level. You'd think a aluminum finned tank with a sight glass would be the way to go unless this acts solely as a reservoir to hold fluid and hot fluid is not circulating back through it which I'm guessing is the case.

Can anyone tell me if there is one or more filters in the hydro system of the 400?
Actually the plastic tanks work great if placed away from any major heat source like BB did on the Outlaws. Also its good to have separate tanks for each side in case of a failure. Time will tell on the Gravely as it is in a more confined area.

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