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Originally Posted by johnnybow View Post
Just ordered a 25 gallon boom sprayer for my atv. should i just change to a different tip from the start? What do you suggest?
I suggest you fill the tank with clear water, find an open area of parking lot or road, and carefully determine the application rate in terms of gal/1Ksqft. This will give you a reference. From there you can make decisions about what tips should be used, how high the boom should be away from the turfgrass, and what your ATV speed should be.


By the way... from your post no one has ANY idea what you are spraying, why you are spraying, etc. -- so you will get no useful response to your question as you have provided no useful info to work with. No one here has Internet Telepathy and can magically "see" what you are trying to accomplish with your sprayer.
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