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Originally Posted by Greenery View Post
Hey guys, I ran across a couple of odd things today that I want to get your thoughts on.

I got an email yesterday from a prospective client that was pretty straight forward and normal.

Today I get him on the phone, ask the usual questions one of which is about previous service providers. Then a big red flag goes waving by as he tells me his current guys have yet to make any contact with him regarding this season. He's been happy with their service but it seems they have disapeared on him.

Then he starts going on about references and insurance and experience. Which I think is great, I wish more people would do that. But on the flip side I rarely get asked for references or insurance.
Then he drops the contract bomb, he goes on to say he has his own contract that he wants me to sign.

I do plan on meeting with him tomorrow regardless of the flags but am curious on what you think of the situation.

By the way this is a residential property.
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Perhaps he has a sence of humor? Call him in the morning and just cancel the appointment, if he ask why let him know you work for yourself and only use your own contract.
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