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Along with what was already stated, here are my thoughts:

In regards to the BBB logo, they do have strict rules for use back when I last used them (ie, you were not allowed to display that logo without it linking to their site that lists your profile). These may have changed in the past 7 years though.

So I went to manually search for your listing, and could not find your company at all, let alone as an accredited businesses. If I was a customer and saw that, but then couldn't locate you were you said you are listed, well then that is going to really lower my trust in you.

The site doesn't validate, and in ways that are just a complete fail on behalf of whoever coded it (the header image, that IMG tag is completely broken, there is no closing HEAD tag). Now you may ask, well it looks fine, what is the big deal? Speed. Browsers can render pages faster when it structured the way it expects to be, instead of having to look though your whole site trying to figure out what it thinks you meant. (and there is no guarantee every browser will figure out what you meant).

As with a lot of Word press sites, the code is quite bloated. (ex why is there javascript to set the background image for the entire page?)

It definitely needs the errors cleaned up, as well as other items already mentioned for the SEO.

My personal recommendation, unless you have personal trust in the company, I would get the domain switched to be registered to YOUR company. Say you have a dispute over billing and decide to go somewhere else, well you are pretty much at the mercy of them at getting your domain back without going legal routes to prove ownership, during which time they can put up any content they want. Not saying the company you use will do that, but I have seen it happen before.

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