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Originally Posted by MikeA57 View Post
Hey guys, how long is the shaft on that attachment? Does it extend close to the ground?

Also rlitman, you say you use the neck strap? Does it really help? I guess I got out of practice with the trimmer over the winter. I don't remember it bothering me last year like it did last night. I felt like I just couldn't get comfortable with it and my lower back felt twisted, the whole time I was working with it.
Ok, to the first two questions:
The "shaft" itself only sticks out of the back enough to engage the Kombi clamp. Maybe 3", but the blower attachment itself is quite long. Probably 3'.
My legs are pretty short. Everything I hold is close to the ground. LOL
Yeah, I can get the tip close to the ground, if that's what you mean. It reaches out further than you would reach with a handheld blower, and that's a nice thing for blowing leaves out of beds, and out from under things like a grill.

It balances well against the engine, but the whole setup is heavy. Heavier than if you were using it as a string trimmer. I'm sure you could muscle it (plenty of people muscle these as string trimmers), but with the strap adjusted to my liking, I can one-hand it.

Oh, and when I was considering mine, I went to the dealer and asked him what he thought of it. He said to bring my Kombi motor, and I could play with a blower in the parking lot, and see if I liked it. There were no leaves on the ground at the time, but I was moving around walnut sized gravel with it, and it felt like it could tear sod up from the ground and roll it back up (ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration).
That was what tipped the scales for me.
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