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Originally Posted by cleanponds View Post
I called Dupont yesterday (not the helpline) as I did not have an answer form my last Dec 9th guestion" Who pays for the removal of the contaminated soils and the charcoal treatment " this was for new plantings not tree replacement. I was told there are no funds for disposing of this soil.I also have 4> 35 ft plus spruces affected along with 22 other trees on my home/business property.I have not received any offer only a visit from Davey Tree and a hired Dupont rep.Does not appear this is going well even though they commented they have "many" satisfied with the offers.
And they wonder why people are seeking legal council? From their site:

• The property owner is responsible for compliance with all laws, regulations and other
applicable restrictions, including those governing excavation and utilities, removal of
trees, protection of workers, and disposal of tree and soil material.
I have 19 trees, from 8 to 40 feet tall. I didn't poison the soil, they did. I'll pay the tree company to do the work with the compensation funds IF they can find a landfill that will accept the toxic mess. I won't decide until I see the offer and make sure I'm not stuck with the soil. I'm also concerned with long term and what I'm responsible for in a few years.

I thought Dupont would accept the responsibility for their actions. Almost a year, had my site visit, trees continue to worsen, guess I'll read the first offer and jump the hoops and do a counter offer but my patience is getting thinner.

Only Good news, the longer they wait, they more time I've had to research and learn whats happening.
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