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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
All I'm saying is they want us to be licensed to do this type of work and to make sure we understand what happens when you use to much product and get fined for using to much. Yet the homeowner goes and buys almost the same stuff and destroy his yard and cause runoff and pollute the land ,but that is ok because its his property.
As opposed to a "so called" professional like yourself calling this photo into question and making wild claims about runoff, POLLUTION?, over application, destruction and more knee jerk reactionary alarmist BS comments.

You have no facts, no clue, and no right making these wild claims.

Looks to me like a roundup application. Perhaps it was to eradicate bent grass. Maybe it was a mis application.

You simply do not know, and whats more important?

You don't know, you don't know.
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