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Originally Posted by BikePilot View Post

Have you used these, can you give your feedback if you have?

I just bought one this winter but have not used it much yet. So far I have only a few of what I guess I'd call complaints.

1. I was expecting it to have a better fit in the hopper of my lesco spreader. It's not bad but it has more space between the tank and the sides of the hopper than I would have thought it should so I actually put some padding on the tank itself to keep the wear from rubbing to a minimum.

2. The way the spray boom is supported it could use a little more support then what is offered by the two holes you drill through the hopper. It wouldn't be an issue if you were on flat hard surfaces but pushing the spreader across bumpy surfaces like a lawn makes them jump more than I like since I think it puts added stress on the hopper where the mounting holes are. A couple stainless band clamps took care of that.

3. It is heavy to push in a spreader. I'd say it's probably close to 130lbs of added weight when full plus it sloshes around when pushing. Again hard flat surfaces wouldnt be bad but across bumpy surfaces, it's a workout. Having a ride on spreader or even a self-propelled walk behind spreader would be great.

Overall I think it's a great unit under certain circumstances. It's simple, efficient, and it sprays very well. You can spot treat with the wand and hose and the boom sprayer is like painting as it sprays a nice uniform and wide spray area. I wouldn't go for the "boomless" version personally. It mixes by using excess pump pressure and you can adjust the pressure to fit your application rates. Would I want to spray acre after acre with it? No, but for smaller treatment areas or areas that have lots of obstacles it can't be beat. The other downside I guess you could say is that it's kinda expensive but if your not in a rush you can get a used one for like half the cost or less. Obviously you also cannot spread and spray at the same time and you need to have a charged battery for it to work.

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