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Originally Posted by SummitLawns View Post
I have a private Christian school that we are taking care of here, and I discussed with the principal a cool concept for a graduation picture. We stripe the property really well, and the idea came to engrave the school's initials 'CVA' into the lawn.

The class would be standing in their gowns in front of the school and the 'CVA' would be striped or engraved into the lawn.

The best way I can think of to do this is to create plywood stencils of the letters, and after mowing, line up the stencils just right and use trimmers to cut the letters low into the ground. Not scalp to dirt, but just cut it an 1-1.5" lower than the 3" we already cut at to try and make it noticeable. The picture would be taken from a ladder so you would be looking at a downward angle at the group.

Has anyone ever tried this and does it work? Are there any better ideas out there?

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