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Sunbelt is a place I have rented from and the companies I worked with rented from. Some 8-10 yrs ago they seemed to not keep up on their equipment. You rented some machine, you better have the mechanic follow behind. Then they updated their fleet and service. Equipment runs smooth. Worked through the night laying pavers and they brought lights that evening for us. Regional rep plugged his number in my phone once, said to call if there was ever an issue, even through the night. Never did have to make a call. The guys at their office joked about calling him at 2am just to say Hi

Moved to NY, considering a track skid steer rental, local rentals either don't carry them or attachments for them, or were double rental price plus shipping both directions (25 miles away). Sunbelt is about 120 miles away and only charged shipping 1 way and was willing to adjust that, plus had access to tools I need for project. Down side is it better work or I'm out.

Dealers are another place to rent. Tend to be higher, not counting a day for demonstration, may only be 1 size available, and probably want proof of $1mil ins or sign on to theirs.
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