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Annual Topdressing Contract?

Just a few days after scheduling a topdressing service date I received a call-back suggesting he's just signed an annual contract with a Spray Tech & our topdressing services won't be necessary since this company is in fact going to treat the entire property. I suggested he keep our contact info handy in case he doesn't get the results he's looking for.
This really got me thinking. From their point of view I can see how difficult it could be to shell out $275 for a service that I've never heard of before & not real sure how it's all gonna work and with what results & then it's just a one-time-deal at that.
So here's my question- How do you go about contracting Topdressing when I'm not set-up to provide the whole deal like pest control/termite coverage etc.
My hearts desire would be to just treat the lawns as necessary as all the Spray co's do. Show up every 30-60 days & fill in any trouble/hot-spots and go. I could really have some amazing looking lawns out there with that kind of service but I'd really have to shave off some set-up/clean-up time from the clock.
Secondarily, now how should I charge when my average service is $275-$330 & that's about an hour & sometimes 1.5 hours if we have to put it on extra thick & then take the time to knock down any high-points to prevent smothering. (that's just how bad some of these St. Augustine lawns are, & most calls come 'cause the lawns aren't looking so great). I'd rather keep them healthy continually.
As it is I'm wanting to re-visit the neighbors yard if I notice that an area isn't filling in very well after a spreading service performed 3-4 weeks prior but how could I afford to do that?

Maybe I should just start with one contract customer, maybe a friend type customer in a great neighborhood. This way I'm in the area often & could draw more interest from others.

Send me your thoughts please...
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