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I have a 2011 ZT42. I'm a homeowner and a bigger machine was overkill and over budget. I really like the mower and the homeowner level seems to fit my needs just fine. I also need to be careful when turning to avoid making divots. I either do 3-point turns or I cut a strip in the middle of my yard work 2 sections one pass at a time each. This way I can make wider turns. I really like the cut quality. I am disappointed that the transaxles are sealed vs. being serviceable. I demo'd a ZT42xl but the tech I was taking to about reliability, etc. didn't realize I was interested in the ZT, I thought I had said that... anyway I thought I was getting the serviceable trannies.

I just do my yard, so many people have said I probably won't have any issues with the trannies. I was dismayed to learn that a blown tranny on a tractor-style hydro (consumer grade.. Lowes, etc.) is basically a throw away mower! I don't want to see that problem with my Gravely. This is why I decided to buy from a dedicated mower/small engine shop as they seem to carry better grade products. I figured it was a "you get what you pay for" situation. I hope this bears out. Friends who have lawncare businesses indicated this same thing.
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