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Well I bought a Prius, but I couldn't make it work after a month. I really like the Prius, I would average between 43-45mpg driving hand calculated. And that was just normal driving... 83mph down the highway etc. The gas mileage is great in these things. It was also nice to be able to whip around and has less driver fatigue than driving a larger pick-up. I checked on 35 properties one day and it did not wear me out like it would in a 2500 truck.

BUT not having the capability of hauling but a 2-3 plants around started to drive me crazy. And I just hate to destroy the interior of a car with mud etc. So I bought a slightly used 2010 tacoma reg cab. Supposed to get 22mpg on this thing... I have not hand calculated it yet since it is getting wrapped at the moment. But I think the Tacoma will make me much happier, and be happy medium between drivability, capability, and gas mileage.
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