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This calculator is off the hook! Thank you! I was wondering if the calculator makes the assumption that there is a daisy chain set-up at the first junction? If you have a scenario with a long run and a t-junction that just serves as a junction with no additional load applied at the junction itself and then continues on in 2 directions to spider at the end of the loss distributed equally on both wires to the end spider box junctions and therefore no need to calculate any differently than if it was one long run to one spider box with the total load of the entire circuit applied at the end? (as if there was no T in the line at all?). I am guessing that the calculator always assumes 25 ft lead wire from spider junction to fixture at 16ga?

On My voltage range section, the line 9 (A) fixture LOW and High range shows as blue box, but lines 10-14 shows as yellow highlighted box, even though the same values are entered in 9 and others. Is the software trying to draw my attention to an unacceptable range or is this just colored background for these particular cells?

Once again...really impressive...thank you for putting it out there. would love to see it converted to android app for field use!
In your scenario with the T-Junction remote from the fixtures, you would use the instructions I give in my previous post. Take all the fixtures from the leg with the lightest load and enter them in the Junction 1 row, then used the subsequent junctions to enter the fixtures from the second leg.

As for cell colors. Blue indicates cells where you can enter and edit data; Yellow indicates non-editable cells; Cells that turn white indicate when calculated values exceed voltage range (either above or below).
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