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Do you think my plan for marketing (postcards, door hangers, etc.) is solid?

At my current job I make a pretty coin, im banking a few hundred a week and a friend is doing the same. He will be getting equipment, I will be doing the marketing since im a salesmen and its what I do now.

We will start in the 2013 season, the goal is to get 100 clients. Money not being the issue.

I will get a list of 3000 in our target area with estimated homes valued over 150k (is that a good choice?). We will hit the first 1500 with postcard A the second with postcard B the first with postcard B and the second with A. Each being spaced a week apart.

Then go in the same order with postcards C & D. (I am still planing on the looks of the postcards but we are both prior service , and him still being a guardsmen, so that will be added somewhere in there.

I have over 4.5k door hangers that I will put at each house in the target area knocking on each door first to hopefully put a face behind a company and sell myself (not for sex, lol, just because when people see a person as a company they have a harder time letting them go for someone cheaper..).

I then plan to mail all 3k once a month there after with a new postcard each time but our logo and name still on them.

I have door knocked before, and after 600 doorhangers (from adeas which are amazing) 450 of them being put out with great weather I was able to sign 7 contracts.

I also read on here some of you guys use a ziplock, flyer, and rock combination on the driveway. I am thinking about doing that but I dont know if the ROI would be good enough including gas.

So all summed up 12,000 postcards stick it from adeas (4 different times each house), 4,500 door hanger stick its from adeas while knocking, and maybe the ziplock approach depending on others ROI.

This will all be going on in NJ.

Thank you for your time, and consideration!
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