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Originally Posted by lucyguys View Post
I have used PGR's in the past. They are not good for out in the open turf where there will be use and foot traffic. It is great for areas like fence rows, medians and such where the turf does not receive wear. A PGR lessens the recover-ability of turf because of the reduction in growth. I have also mixed Iron into the mix to maintain some green color in the turf.
Something I've found when using PGR's. Yes, they may slow down overall growth slightly, but when used in tandem with a good fert. program they increase wear tolerance and turf density. The use of PGR's changed the plants verticle growth to horizontal growth, creating the turf I stated above. But I havent seen a PGR decrease the turfs recover-ability when used correctly.
I'm specfically talking about a college football field, and cool season turf.
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