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Originally Posted by vaacutabove View Post
My web site is less than 30 days old so no in that google does not show it yet but i have won a bid that I wa higher because they liked that they could see my work.
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Your website is missing some key items, such as a privacy policy, and site map. You should add a blog and hire a writer to put up some articles for you. It drives keywords to your site, as well as increases the sites size in the eyes of SE's/

If you havnt already claim your G places and bing page, optimize them till you get to 100%. Ask people for reviews and incorporate that into your site as well.

With the recent changes to G places im not sure how relevent it is going to be in the future to have your address listed on your site, but until people start saying not to do it, you should have your address on every page of your site, exactly matching your G places listing.
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