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What Does Laser Welded Mean For Diamond Blade Quality?

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There are so many different types of diamond blades on the market, it is almost impossible to determine what level of quality each one is. However, simply by looking at where the diamond segments meet the core of the blade can help you get a sense of how the blade was formulated.

When you look at that edge where the diamond segments meet the blade core, you will see a rough weld. It is not smooth or flat, it is jagged and rough. This is indicative of the laser welding process.

Some of the main benefits of laser welded diamond blades over other welding methods are:

- the depth and width of the weld is large

- the weld is extremely accurate, so the blade core is very minimally affected

- laser welded can withstand higher temperatures during cutting extending blade life significantly

When choosing a diamond blade, it is always best to invest in laser welded blades and tools. They last longer and provide a more efficient cut. If you have any questions on any of the welds, please feel free to comment or email me directly. Also, here are a few links to some of our laser welded tools.


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