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Hi Cyndib

Thanks for the pics. They look a lot like mine. I have over 50 affected trees and shrubs. Ratings were taken last fall, but trees have continued to decline and they look a lot worse now. I am now worried even those rated 1 or 2 will not make it, and some unaffected ones will suffer. I also see the grass around the severely affected trees have turned white with what appears to be dripping lines from the dead trees. Something coming out of the dead needles? This is a post I did on another discussion:

I am a homeowner in Minnesota. We have over 50 trees and shrubs affected. New buds are just starting out in this area, but I see a continued affect on the affected trees. A few branches on spruce trees will have new buds starting to open, but the majority of the tree have none. Maybe the new buds are just delayed, but I see no new buds on tips or further in on the branches. I have one affected blue spruce bush (mound), with weak unopened buds, while another unaffected blue spruce bush has big nice looking buds. I am discouraged by this. And this doesn't even begin to address the 30 completely dead 14' trees I have to continually look at as Dupont won't let me get rid of those. I was hoping to just take my lumps, get the resolution and get on with my life. But now??????????? I have not seen the resolution proposal yet, but from what I hear I will also be disappointed with that. I would also like the ABC link
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