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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
This is flawed thinking. All it means is you will not get the account and have wasted your time.
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Consistency is would not want people saying that you are taking advantage of them (which would not be the case, but people look at it this way all the time)
...however, if you have way too much work, raise prices-
cleanups are good work, but unless they are tied to regular lawn maintenace, why cut them a deal?--
I'd raise the price and then give a discount if they sign up for regular yearly maintenace-

what you want, is regular work thjat you can count on each week-throughout the year, each year and so on--
this allows you to plan for equipment and employees needed-

some guys can always do 'one off' type work, but I'd argue that their schdules are much more difficult and growing the company is not going to be easy unless you can plan-
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