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Fert. Rate Question

My local Ag Ext. office suggested that I apply 4-5 lbs. of actual Nitrogen per 1000 throughout the season. They gave me a schedule that consists of adding about a lb. 4-5 times per season. This was based on the fact that I have really good cultivars of KBG and have irrigation system. Here's my question (and they haven't responded to me):

If the Lesco fert. is say 15-15-5. That means that by volume 15% is nitrogen. How do I figure out what one pound of nitrogen is??

Here's what I think...tell me if I am wrong...

I usually apply the 15-15-5 at 3.5 pounds per 1000. Does this mean 15% of 3.5 is .525. Does this mean I put down .525 lbs. of actual nitrogen when I do this. And then doubling this would mean approximately 1 lb. of actual nitrogen?

Does this sound correct?

Thanks for your input!!
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