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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

I thought you might see that and respond., since I know you have that new mower and have posted pics of it doin' its thing (and well I thought).

Maybe I'm still not be making myself clear though. I know what a tunnel deck was designed to do, and what they will do. I have used more of them than a true, deep commercial deck by far. They will flat out get it done, no question. I have a 60" commercial grade deck on my Deere CUT that is a tunnel deck, and then I have my 7 Iron. For most normal mowing there is no advantage one way or the other, but for high speed mowing, and especially if it is moist, long and lush grass, the deeper commercial decks that are 5.5" deep over the entire deck area will handle and process the volume of material quicker and with less required HP. IME, the tunnel deck will start to leave some clumps if the grass is wet and thick, but the 7 Iron won't. The biggest thing that the MF diesel Z's need is more BTS IMO.
I don't doubt your experience with the Jd tunnel deck vs the 7 Iron. But, while not knocking the JD Tunnel deck (or any other Tunnel deck), I'm not so sure that you can lump ALL brands of Tunnel decks performance as the same, any more than you can categorize conventional decks from 5.5"- 6.5" deep, as far as cutting performance and characteristics go.

Thr blade tip speed on the Pro Ride is nearly 19,000 fpm. Does the JD Tunnel deck on your CUT have that high of blade speed. Even if it does, that doesn't mean that the performance of the JD Tunnel deck will mirror the performance of the Pro Ride or EverRide deck.

I'm not saying that the Pro Ride will outperform the 7 Iron deck in most conditions, but I am saying that until you, me or someone else can try them side by side in the same conditions, any conclusion reached by us as to any performance difference in tall,thick or wet grass is just speculation, a hunch, a best guess or even just our somewhat biased opinions.

I think I can borrow a firends Scag with the Velocity Plus deck and if I can find a JD ZT with the 7 Iron deck, I will do a test on some of my accounts that are mostly bahia grass in the summer. The Scag and JD might cut it cleaner, although I don't see how they could cut it any cleaner, chop the clippings up more? yes. But cut cleaner, It will have to be proven to me.

I'm not trying to turn this into a Pi$$ing contest about mower decks, but I'm not sure that you can assume the performance of the JD CUT tunnel Deck will be the same as the Gravely Pro Ride / EverRide Warrior deck in the conditions that you speak of.

Maybe you could find one of the Pro Ride's to demo, or maybe someone who has an EverRide Warrior. and compare them in your area.
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