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Need advice

So, my g/f lives a nice development and just met her last November. Well I started to pay attention to her lawn but didnt want to say anything negative to her, but I finally had to. Entire lawn is clover and weeds. I had the same problem, not nearly as bad, when I bought my house in 2004 and hired a lawn care company after many self attempts to knock out the weeds. After 1 full season with them, I was weed free and then have since had my landscaping friend aerate and overseed every fall and I have been using Milorganite 4-times a year myself since 2006 and have the best lawn in the neighborhood.
So I called the same company I used, they were 2hrs late to look at her yard and put down a granular with crab grass control and liquid sprayed her entire yard for free which was nice. But then they call me to tell me what they did and asked why I stopped using them. I told the guy was because I like doing it myself and dont like they way my lawn way burnt out every summer and I like organics, which they dont offer, and he told me the benefits of synthetics vs organics. Now, I own a roofing company and am by no means in the lawn service business, but I do read up about lawns. He said they dont offer organics because the grass doesnt grow as fast and it will be fixed faster. Should I let them do a full season treatment, see what happens, then advise her to go organic? He also said her development doesnt have great soil but didnt do a soil test. However all her neighbors have great looking lawns (KBG). They put her on a 5 step treatment w/grub control I think. Also, IF this clover is knocked out, can I aerate and over seed this spring?

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