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McFarland- Great. Where are you located?

I promise I will get the stuff together this weekend and start mine to. I am going to run it against the Holganix product what are you doing it against?
For those that do not know I am NJ. I am going to put it on new seed as well.
I am also going to keep track of watering so both plots get same amount of water due to the dry season. I talked to Scott (SumaGreen) and told them what I should be looking for and what time line to expect on growth of the grass. They said the most recent results was from Stockners Nursery (Virgina) saying that the Fescue grass germinated in 9 days which Mark told him they usually see 12- 14 days for Fescue in his area. Plus the SumaGreen Turf treated seeds seemed like they had more germinated seeds then what they were using. He told me I could call Mark at the place to confirm.
Either way I will be letting everyone know and that will give at least two people on here with tests on SumaGreen Turf
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