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Originally Posted by bugsNbows View Post
I've been messing around with bahia grass for over 35 years. IMO, it's just a basic soil covering...the least desirable of all residential turf species. As stated above, it can look presentable from a distance or on a "drive-by", but closer inspection usually reveals a thin canopy with systemic weed invasion. Given too much water, fertilizer and "love", bahia tends to respond negatively...especially over time.

Just East of me in the center of the state, is grassland that made Florida the 2nd largest cattle state after Texas, at one time. The soil in that area is such that Bahia does extremely well. Bahia Sod is actually cut from those pastures. But once the sod is relaid on our Gulf Coast Calcareous sand it start to decline.

Many years ago I went to a seminar. The speaker's first statement was. He would tell us the least expensive way to have grass in a Yard. His method was to replace Bahia every 5 years spending no money on it during that time. The Math he showed worked out. As cheap as Bahia sod is, Fertilizer and Pesticide over a 5 year period cost more than replacement.


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