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Trim Nozzle on T

Originally Posted by DLCS View Post
How often do you guys use the trim spray nozzle on your T-3000's? I am finding that I usually don't need the trim nozzle, unless I am spraying the strip between the curb and sidewalk. Am i the only one that thinks the trim nozzle coverage is weak? When I do use it, seems i miss alot of weeds.
If you set the trim nozzle so it is spraying even with the center of the left front tire it will spray one foot outside the right tire. This will give you a 4 fot pass to use for trimming along walks, flowers and etc. The output is one quart per 1000 at 5 mph (full speed). Some will use it at a slightly lower speed when trimming to get more saturation in the trim areas. Also with the spray adjusted to the left front tire you are able to really target your trim areas. Questions give me a call 520.836.8162 cell 402.432.2446
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