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Bear, I'll admit when I'm wrong and I am wrong. I also apologize about insulting you. I was also in the middle of a BAAAAD day when I saw your post. Again my apologies. If you do look at the pdf they do seem like a heavy duty machine, but then my question would be why would someone like Ridin Green say

If you read through this PDF, you'll see they are really more of a high end homeowner/low end commercial mower. Both the diesels weigh in less than many gas models from other name brands which is great for the turf, but it tells me that there's not as much material in their construction overall, and they have much lower BTS's as well. They also have tunnel decks, which I know firsthand will cut every bit as good as any deck made, but not when you're dealing with large amounts of thick grass, and taking of several inches at a time at high speed as is common in the spring. They do look interesting though, and I hope they turn out to be another good choice eventually.

Just a thought to toss out there. MF needs to make it easier to find when doing a google search to be honest with you.
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