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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Looks like a well engineered piece of eqp. It appears to be well thought out and made from quality material.

I had to laugh though when I saw the operator fumbling around when "trying" to back up with a sulke from another manufacturer. I wonder how many "takes" it took to make it look that awkward and cumbersome?!
Watching this video reminds of that tv commercial that was on about 10 years ago. It features a guy with a grass trimmer and he gets the line all wrapped around his self while he fumbles with respooling the head.

Any experienced operator will be able to make any sulky perform at the same level as the Kage sulky.

And I don't think they could have found an older sulky to compare it to. My Velke is 7 years old and still has very little play in it. Even the wheel.

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