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I agree with Richard Martin 100 %. My velkes have held up very good as well.I like the beefy design but I hate how in the stowed position it's in the way.I know you could just drop it off the mower but there are several sections in yards I mow where my velke is dropped or lifted in multiple different areas on the same property. In the video the Kage backing up looked difficult to control side to side just like my velke x2 but the x2 allows the whole platform to perform a 360 under the attachment bar .The Kage just goes to the stops at a 90 degree angle. Allowing the platform to turn the 360 really helps in the tight spots so you can't jack knife the mower and rip up turf.BTW my single wheel velke is the way easier to back up with compared to the x2 .Theres little side to side shimmy on the single compared to alot of side to side shimmy on the x2. In the stowed position the x2 has a v in the platform and if you flip the platform in the right way the v part of the platform will cradle into the arm and keeping the platform from swinging in the stowed position .It actually locks the x2 in place.
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