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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

I believe you're getting way too defensive for no reason. I am not, and never did in this thread, compare the 7 Iron to your tunnel deck, nor have a criticized your deck. Just the opposite if you re-read my last post to you.

This thread is about the MF Z's and they have the same approx. BTS as my CUT's deck (very close), and very close to the same depth of deck and tunnel. I know what mine will do, and pretty much exactly what to expect then from the MF deck. That's my comparison in this thread. Another thing is that if the tunnel decks (of any make) were the best way to go, you can bet your last buck that every major manu would be switching over to them. There's a reason they're that deep deck over the entire cutting area of the deck.

Ridin Green,

I guess I did get a little defensive,lol. Sorry about that. I respect and always like to read your posts on these topics.

I also know that the tunnel deck design is not the most desired deck design and it like most others, has its compromises. I realize the tunnel deck is not a mulching deck, one compromise. You can bag with them but they may not be as good as the std type decks for that.they are best suited for side discharging, albeit with longer clippings most of the time. Another possible compromise.

I figure that one of the most important reasons for the std (full depth) decks popularity it the versatility of being able to do all of the above and do them well. Some decks excelling at fine clipping discharge, with alot of vaccum (better at striping) but they might not do so well on tall,thick or wet grass, leaving clumps, and not cutting fast or clean in those conditions.

Other decks like the 7 Iron, Velocity plus and a few others, are very versatile in about all conditions. When matched with the right blade combo, will cut the clippings very fine also.

I still believe that the Pro Ride deck will hang right with the Velocity plus, & Iron and any of the other std, full depth decks when cutting tall, thick grass (at least Southern grasses, bahia, dallis grass etc) at a fast speed. It will leave longer clippings of course. I read alot about the EverRides 5-6 years ago and most of the owners and users of them all agreed that they could cut with any other brand in the tall, thick grasses, especially the southerm grasses. The EverRide Literature and Videos also mentioned alot about being designed to excel in those conditions. Not trying to be argumentative about this, it is just my opinion and a growing amount of experience with it.

I also agree that the MF decks need more BTS to be as effective as possible. They do look pretty heavy duty to me, the Iseki built ones, that is. There were some older thread on them, with some liking them pretty well and some saying that they didn't cut near as well as the Kubota's, which they were being compared to at the time.
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