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Originally Posted by zturncutter View Post
I also have had and currently maintain some interesting St. Augustine lawns that were started decades ago by pulling plugs from grandmas lawn or some other friend or relative. They are much tougher than the current types of St. Augustine sod available today, they are generally not as dense though. I think some of the lawns may be what used to be called Florida common. One of the ranches has nice bahia in the open areas around the lodge and St. Augustine around the borders of the Live Oak hammocks, never watered or pesticides applied.

I have some Straight Ant Kill customers who also have St Augustine and no Irrigation. The only treatment they get is Ant Kill which also takes out Chinch bugs. Even as dry as this has been, these Lawns are doing well. While I can't call them WEED FREE, I will say they have less weeds than yards with irrigation and TG/CL type treatments.


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