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Originally Posted by Mxrider52 View Post
I dont see why everyone bashes Stihl. I run a Fs90R trimmer and a Br500 Backpack blower and I love them. Never had any problems out of them beside changing air filters. When I run my trimmer short on string I notice that it revs up harder like it wants to blow up. I also run without the guard so I run more string than what the shield will allow but I like it. It keeps the power right where I want it with the load. I normally only run half throttle with it too unless I get into thick stuff but for all my weekly and biweekly I run at half throttle. And I will say I actually get done quicker using the Stihl trimmer than I do with other brands I have tried.
We aren't bashing anything except the 4 mix and its little problem of low end acceleration and the annoying start up delay. Oh and if you ever do have any problems with those units look obviously haven't looked into replacing seal and bearings on units.
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