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You've been to Quinter? Wow. I do like the option of a stander, but let me tell you a ridiculous thing I've found out. People in this part of the country won't pay for what it's worth, especially if it looks easy. Therefore, if I bought a stander which was always ridden, it would look easier.

Funny thing, I asked about a striping kit from the dealer, and you're right that it's in Hays. He said that he had priced one but it was a long time ago. He said that nobody in the town likes that look, which is a bit weird. Anyway, he told me of a guy that just bought a mower from him, no striping kit, and he called right away to tell him to come over and look how messed up his yard was. When the dealer went over, there were the stripes and the guy didn't like it.
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