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Originally Posted by cleanponds View Post
Planted into Imprelis soil last November with 9 10ft Dawn Redwood trees. Used the current planting guidelines with one ft overdig, new backfill and sprayed rootball and hole with activated charcoal. Today I see every tree has dying and twisted foliage.The soil that was from the dig is piled up and only grows quackgrass and canada thistle.I believe the reason overdigging wont work is because the hole still presents a path of lessor resistance for ground or subsurface water to go to which has Imprelis in it. Have contacted Dupont whom I really believe plans on doing little to nothing. Made another contact to Ohio Dept of Ag. Ive stopped all planting for the forseeable future on our 10 acre home/business site.
This is what I'm hearing more about and it is alarming! No wonder Dupont rep suggested to me to just grind the stumps and leave it. Unbelievable. They know they've got serious enviromental catastrophe on their hands. BTW, the insurance they can claim will only cover a max of $75 to $100 mil. Their own estimates are growing daily the longer this goes on and is in the range of $600 mil to $2 Billion in damages. If they lowball more of us in their process and more leave to go the court route Dupont stockholders will be footing a much bigger chunk. You notice in their earnings report they report ER and exclude Imprelis damage as a seperate item.

If we can never plant actual trees in these places our privacy is impacted, not just the look of our landscape. This is going to be costly for them. So sad. They are reviewing counter offers. They do realize tree damage can worsen from the last site visit and you can reject the first offer and send them the updated damage for another review. Time consuming, but add that also to your figures for proper compensation. They know if it goes to court the figure you have will at the very least triples when it goes to trial. I'm still willing to go the cheaper route for them if the offer is reasonable. We'll see.
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