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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
mtmower our machine is a 2008 160Z which is a 60" cut with 25hp Kohler.

I will let you know how the G6 blades work out. The rolled foil high lift oem blades are far superior to notched high lifts. They create better vacuum to lift the grass up to be cut smooth. I cant stand notched blades at all to be honest. You can get exact carbon copy blades from Stens. I get my blades on ebay for about $65 shipped for two complete sets. What I do not like about our 160Z is it tears lawns up easily. It just does not turn that great for some reason. Our old lazer hp 48" turns very easily. I demoed a JD Z925A last summer and I was highly impressed with that machine. Even being 400 pounds heavier it turned so smooth and easy you almost had to force it to tear up a lawn. The 7Iron deck was awesome and threw the clippings WAYYYYY out the side and the cut quality was fantastic. That may be our next machine. JD also has the electric deck lift with thumb controls on the levers which at this point is something my dad needs in order to keep working due to his neurapothy in his legs and feet from diabetes. He has a very hard time with foot operated deck lift. The seat and ride comfort was phenomenal also.

Thanks for the info on the blades and nice stripes.

Def have a look at the 460 before you turn green. The slightly smaller tires and narrower frame on your 160 will cause a little more tearing of the turf than the bigger machines, plus were talking different hydro set ups on the 460 and the Deere compared to your 160, so it's not a fair comparison. I notice the same or less tearing of the turf with the 460 than I do with my Super Zs.

IMO John Deere makes a very nice cutting mower. And I know they rank up there at the top with Scag, Ferris, Hustler, Chopper, etc. Our dealer won't come off the 960 for less than $12,900.00 and I can't demo it first. Personally I don't care for how they look which is a stupid little thing and shouldn't effect it making money. Too many things made out of different materials and bolted on. The MOD option and the electric switch on the sticks for the deck lift are a very sweet option. There is no way a Deere comes close to the ride of the 460. The Ferris and Cheetah may but I haven't had any seat time on them. The fleet discount is just awesome. You can get a loaded 460 with all the attachments for about $10500.00 out the door with 0/48 financing and everything for the next 12 months from Gravely is 20% off. This means belts, filters, blades, another mower, etc. Deere probably does the same financing. Most use Shefield. The Deere would be easily $15000.00 for the equivalent. I've been die hard Hustler for quite a while, and I'm sure the new Z is quite a mower, but after driving the 460 and looking at the numbers I'm finding it hard to even go through the steps of demoing it because it will be a similar deal. Probably also in the $15500.00 range decked out. $5-6k can buy a lot of gas, new equipment, or something that has nothing to do with lawn care!
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