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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Gravely may have hit a homerun with the 400 series, but I still was not impressed with the 260 series. They had no reverse traction, sucked so bad I took the mower back after buying it. Gravely took it back too. Now the 400 series I like , and would demo one when I get ready to buy again. My biggest concern is when pointing downhill can you back up enough to make a turn. The 260 slowed me down trying not to spin the wheels, or slide downhill. I still want to see more pics on hills of the 400 series.
I have one killer yard that is all my Super Zs can do to stay on and that's creeping, fuel tanks for weight, armrests up and me hanging out as far as I can on the up hill side. The Walker I demoed was bad enough I slid off in to the woods but to be far I didn't check the tire psi ( I like around 10-12). I learned my lesson and I check psi on any mower I demo now. I can have a big effect of ride and traction between just a few psi. Didn't have a chance to put the 460 on it. Only cut on the flat. Maybe someone else can comment on hills. I did notice the 460 runs a 24x11.5x12 kenda brand tire where my SZs run 24x12x12 Carlisles. Basically the same tread just a .5" narrower which in theory should have a better bite since it has more lbs. per sq. in. Oddly the rep said they like to run mid 20 psi and he said he'd be afraid someone may break the bead or peal one off the rim if you got to low. He may have just been covering the company for liability sake.
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