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Originally Posted by jimfuel100 View Post
What oil will you use? Synthetic? Brand and weight please. I picked up an oil filter when I purchased the mower.

My 460 is at 8hrs and I'd like to change mine.

I'd review the 460 but it is the only ZTR I've ever driven. I have nothing to compare except my 12 year old Sears Poulan Pro.

I will say WOW! The mower flat out cuts grass. I forgot to buckle up and didn't realize it until I was finished.

I drove it to my lot (1.5 miles), mowed 4 acres, drove it back, mowed my .4 acre (home) lot in 2.5 hrs. First time on a ZTR in my life.

I was not paying attention and backed over a news paper (Washington Post) and picked up confetti for 15 minutes.

Im going to use the kawi 30 weight for my first oil change. Then at 50 hours I will switch to mobil 1 10w-30. Thats what I run in all my equipment and have always had good luck.
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