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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post

Awmmmm, I'm tellin' Gravely that you didn't like something! I mean, what kind of guy would get a mower for a demo, them say anything negative about it?

Another good review bro!

It sounds to me like the new 400 series has an awful lot in common with the JD 900's. JD is missing the mark by not making the suspension seat std, but everything else is very well laid out and useful. I forget why you don't want one- can't get one or something like that wasn't it? Too bad, because you may have been very happy. I still don't believe that the small discharge opening will be the best thing in/for wet grass with the Gravely, but they are mighty fine looking machines. I just wish we had more dealers around here in case of needing service or parts.

Yea. Big brother internet police are watching! Maybe the Walker guy will call my Gravely dealer as well!?!?!

The main reason I won't consider JD is because of the persistent add that keeps popping up, that I must ex out of to get into this site!

No, really if you go about 14 threads up, you'll see the method to my madness. The 460 is a good mower. There may be greater mowers out there. One or two grand, when spending this much, is nothing in making my decision. I'll pay it in a heart beat to get the better mower. But when you're talking three to five grand difference when adding the options that's when I start rethinking things. I could by a new hydro walk behind or who know maybe gas with that extra green!

I'm not going to lie to you. The chute design still bothers me and I didn't get as much time as I'd of liked on different grass types, moisture, and slopes. I'm sure it has it's weak points. I was having trouble finding many in the time I had and as you've probably figured out by now, I can pick stuff apart pretty well (Just ask Walker). I can tell you, I cut side by side with my XR7 deck in fairly dry, thick, fine grass and the clipping dispersal was night and day. I could easily save myself half an hour to an hour blowing clippings and either make an early day of it or add another yard or two. I thought I had a grip on deck design, but when you look at the XR7 deck, Huskys deck, Scags, Deere, etc. they have a lot, and I mean a lot in common, yet the XR7 failed and the Husky was ok but not great, Scag and Deere seem to have the magic. You wouldn't think being so closely alike there would be this kind of difference. Yet this X factor, which looks like it should cause more problems way out performed the XR7 in clipping dispersal and I've tried about every baffle configuration available with no luck. I didn't think to throw a tape measure on the opening to see what it was. I know it's narrower than some but I was looking at my XR7 opening and I believe some of it is an optical illusion. My XR7 has about 4-5" of flat surface before the chute starts, the 460 has about 2". The XR7 has very little or no flat surface at the back of the deck. It pretty much goes right into the radius, but the 460 has this odd 6-8" chunk with an inner baffle at that point going inward toward the spindle. The 460 is more forward of center in the deck. I think if Gravely had not added this rear squared off section and you were looking at the radius curve of the deck it may not look so different. IMO this flat surface is there more to strengthen the deck for blower support when it's installed which seems like a good idea. So yea, I'm sure it's a little smaller but the thing that throws me off is I usually see the opening start further back on the deck and then extend all the way to the back, maybe with a tapered opening, without the hunk of flat 90 degree metal corner. It's hard for me to believe that with all the cad and wind tunnel computer type programs that a manufacturer can't find the perfect deck and blade recipe for northern and southern grasses and either offer a different deck for each area or a way to modify the deck to fit both areas.
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