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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Check this out! Uses a knob to mount to the deck. No more bungie cords!
Ah... So that's how it goes. When I took it off to see how it did without it, I left it in the yard and probably would have driven off and left it. The only down side is this farm boy can't make his homemade operator controlled chute blocker ( read a piece of rope) with this set up. I'd have to step it up and buy the city version. Great marketing on Gravelys part. Less liability if it's set in the normal position and if you want the best of both world you need to buy their chute blocker or an aftermarket version.

I just notice you deck has a square hole in the back top for the pin on the chute or blower. IIRC the 460 had a round hole and round pin. Is the pin on your chute and blower square or are you putting a round pin in a square hole? Sorry couldn't help myself.
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