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Originally Posted by jconley View Post
I am still waiting to hear anything from Dupont. The only contact I have had is the letters they sent me at the end of last year. I called their info number and was told my claim was in review. My yard looks like a toxic waste site with over 20 dead 15-20 ft trees. I would have thought they would have been much more proactive if they hoped to settle out of court. I worry now about the fire hazard these dead trees present.
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Oceola Township in Michigan received their Dupont offer for $92,000 for 9 trees. The board is still determining if they will accept the offer or counter it.

So, your 20 should certainly see a larger first offer. They seem to be going by size more than type, since a large variety of evergreens are close to the same price from nurseries per foot. I'm hearing initial offers of between $3000 to over $10,000 per tree (includes replacement and warranty for only until 2013). According to Oceola that offer was in addition to removal cost, which was not specified in the report. Offers obviously can be much larger if the ground slopes into the damaged trees since removing just the soil around the dead tree may not be enough since the adjacent ground can still have Imprelis in it for over a year and can migrate into the slope. I've been warned it may be years before I can replant.
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