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Originally Posted by bailter View Post
I definitely agree with your feelings. Looking at all these dead and dying trees that happened through no fault of my own, and to have the guilty party just drag out the restitution forever..............and we don't seem to be able to do anything about it. The lawn service says be patient (I have been for almost a year), and Dupont says "we're so sorry about that" or "I can certainly understand that" (their call center must sit with a list of stock answers for any comment made by the caller). And then everything I hear is the proposal will be way to low, and we may not be even able to replant without killing the new trees. Maybe we need more TV interviews as that seems to be the only thing that Dupont is concerned with.
Their call center is manned by a company that was hired to take phone calls. I called and said I wanted to talk to somebody from Dupont and the lady said they could email them but they didn't have a number.

I looked up Dupont and started dialing until I found a real person.

I had a beloved cat die this past weekend. My other pets that have passed are buried beneath a couple trees in the backyard. Trees that are dead and will have to be dug up. Imagine knowing that and then not having a place to put your baby. I chose cremation until she has a final resting place.

I called and finally got someone in customer care and someone in Ky.
The number is at work, I'll be happy to share when I get back Monday.
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